Our Philosophy

  • Hub for all your translation projects.
  • Focus on Ruby on Rails.
  • Remain cheaper than our competitors.
  • Do the work, few features, low maintenance.
  • Human-to-human communications.
  • Self-funded by consultancy work.
  • Value happiness at work!

About Our Team

Michaël Hoste

« I've been a Rails developer since 2010. Before that, I was having fun programming algorithms in C++ and was repelled by the whole idea of the garbage collector: I was obsessive about every bit of allocated memory (back then, Valgrind was my best friend).

Now, I use my spare time to develop in-browser games using CoffeeScript, and I simply don't care anymore :-) »


Watching movies, biking, running, reading, programming, drinking (Belgian) beers.

Pet projects

sokoban-game.com (GitHub), XMoto.io (GitHub, Blog), PonGL (old!)


Aurélien Malisart

« I've been working with Ruby and Rails since 2006 and I've been speaking HTML fluently since my teenage years. As far as I remember, it seems I've always been doing Web projects.

My preference in development goes to backend stuff, the code that is behind the scenes. I like architecturing the APIs, ensuring communications with the other parts of the system.

I've been self-employed since 2009, and I like it! »


Music, drums, woodworking, biking, barbecues, genealogy.

Pet projects

VAT number validation for ActiveModel, RubyGem for Geni, Standing Desk Building