About us

Our Manifesto

  • Focus on high-value, core features.
  • Advocate for best i18n practices.
  • Write clean code, with low maintenance.
  • Self-funded, no external investors.
  • Contribute to open-source projects.
  • Human-to-human communication.
  • Value happiness at work!

Meet Our Team

Michaël Hoste

« I've been a Rails developer since 2010. Before that, I was having fun programming algorithms in C++ and was repelled by the whole idea of the garbage collector: I was obsessive about every bit of allocated memory (back then, Valgrind was my best friend).

Now, I use my spare time to develop in-browser games using CoffeeScript, and I simply don't care anymore 😄 »


Watching movies, biking, running, reading, programming, brewing (Belgian) beers.

Pet projects

sokoban-game.com (GitHub), XMoto.io (GitHub, Blog), PonGL (old!)

Aurélien Malisart

« I've been working with Ruby and Rails since 2006 and I've been speaking HTML fluently since my teenage years. As far as I remember, it seems I've always been doing Web projects.

My preference in development goes to backend stuff, the code that is behind the scene. I like architecturing APIs, ensuring communications with the other parts of the system.

I've been self-employed since 2009, and I like it! »


Music, drums, woodworking, biking, barbecues, genealogy.

Pet projects

VAT number validation for ActiveModel, RubyGem for Geni, Standing Desk Building

Didier Toussaint

« As a language enthusiast, I studied translation (English and Russian to French) and worked as a freelance translator for several years.

I've been versed in web development since the early 2000s and could not resist the urge to move my career in that direction.

Joining the Translation.io team has allowed me to combine my love for languages and development! »


Cycling, reading, gardening, studying languages.

Thomas Fekenne

« From my earliest memories, the world of art and design has captivated me.

I began by sketching anime characters for my friends as a child, and in my teenage years, I ventured into photography and digital editing. School further enhanced my photography skills, introducing me to 3D animation, filmmaking, and web design.

However, it was the moment I held the first iPhone that I knew my destiny lay in designing mobile and web apps.

As a UX Designer, I analyze user behavior, pinpoint pain points, and harmonize business demands with user needs. My ultimate goal is to craft elegant solutions that delight both worlds. »


Watching animes, growing vegetables, photography, playing « dinette » with my little girl, continuous learning.

Pet Projects


Our workplace

Creative Monkeys

We are founding members of Creative Monkeys, a coworking space in Mons, Belgium. We share this space with small companies and freelancers that are mainly active in the new technology fields.

We share our experience and knowledge to develop many SaaS products in different niche markets.