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You can also call our well-documented API if you want a more custom workflow.

Our step-by-step guides

We wrote detailed guides to help you throughout the localization process of your application.

Choose your stack and... follow the guide!

Our custom-made librairies

Let our stack-specific packages do the heavy work for you.

Using another stack? You can easily create a new library to sync with

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails

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GitHub | Integration


React & JS

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GitHub | Integration

Make direct calls to our API

Customize your translation workflow by interacting with our API.

Explore our full API reference, or jump to one of our specific endpoints:


Each segment corresponds to a single unit of translation from a source language to a target language.


To communicate with your teammates, identify changes, and filter your segments.

Source Editions

To update the source text of segments matching a specific key value, for all target languages at once.


(endpoint coming soon)

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