Translate your Rails application

Use gem 'translation'.

Translate with _('plain text') or with t('lots.of.keys').

Type rake translation:sync to synchronize with your translators.

We'll make you love us!*

Easy Setup

gem 'translation' in your Gemfile. rake translation:init to initialize your existing app. Try it!

YAML and GetText

We are not fond of YAML, but sometimes it's useful. So you can translate t('with.keys') or _('with text').


Your marketing team or clients can edit the source text directly in the interface. Think about it like a minimalist CMS.


Push new keys and get new translations with rake translation:sync. Don't worry about branches, it's taken care of! Popular gems will also be pre-translated.


One-click to add collaborators to your translation projects. All collaborators on a project will share the translation memory of the project.

Easy opt-out

Want to leave us? No problem! All your updated .po (GetText) and YAML (Rails I18n) files are already in your app. We're really sad to let you go, but that's life...

* Free for open-source projects. Only one cent per key per month.
Unlimited languages, projects and collaborators.

We built a nice translation interface

Your translators will love it

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Hover the image to get details.

Some of our happy clients

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And what they say about us

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« We're really happy about it! This just seem to be the perfect way to handle translations. » Steve Verlinden

Spin42 6906fc53ff239f7eb9af842587001933c3e38b0cd62db772af1646c9c05ed0ac

« is the missing link for multi language Rails apps. Using gettext is a bliss and finally removes the hassle of working with Rails i18n. We can’t live without it anymore. » Marc Lainez

Babblingcoconuts 93b4f8055ff2f42fe51d8bef9db0366cd10a98e63e3a1653682f3273e4cac008

« As a professional translator, if find the interface very easy and intuitive. » Didier Toussaint

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