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Auto-Translation with Google Translate

Michaël Hoste

Michaël Hoste

Founder & CEO

Who is Michaël?

Michaël is the founder of Translation.io. He is always interested in hearing your feedback on the product.

Feel free to get in touch: michael@translation.io

Machine Translation (MT) is a term used to describe translations that are carried out by a computer. One very popular MT service is Google Translate.

Google Translate

Recently, Google Translate started to use Deep Learning strategies to improve its translations with great success. Even though Google Translate is still not comparable to a native-speaker translator, the results are usually “good enough” until someone proofread them.

For this reason, we created the new Auto-Translate feature(1), which you will find in the project settings.

Project Settings

If you enable it, every new source text will be automatically translated for free using Google Translate, and then pushed back into your code. A new auto translated tag will be added to these segments and your translators will be notified that they may proofread them at their own convenience.

You can also click on “Auto-Translate now” to translate an existing project into a specific target language.

Project Settings

(1) This feature was sponsored by Tanda.
Last update: August 21, 2018
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