Translate your React application

Localize your code using the <Trans> and <Plural/> components.

Type npm run sync to synchronize with your translators or auto-translate.

Tired of exchanging files with your translators? Continuous development? Continuous translation!
You will love us!

React JSX Syntax

Use the <Trans> and <Plural> components to localize your React app.
(Learn about the Lingui syntax)


Invite collaborators to your projects with only one click. All collaborators will share the translation memory of the project.

Better Plurals

Asking translators to work with complex plural syntax is error-prone. We deconstruct plural forms and provide concrete examples.

Easy Setup

Run npm i @translation/lingui and then npm run sync to initialize your existing React app. Try it!


Push new source text and get new translations with npm run sync.
Branches are taken care of!

Easy opt-out

Want to leave us? All your updated .po and .js files are already in your app. Just keep them updated using pure-Lingui.

Only €0.01 per key per month. Free for open-source React projects.
Unlimited languages, projects and collaborators.

We built the perfect translation interface

Your translators will love it

Efficient Search

Our powerful search helps translators to maintain consistency of terms throughout their work. In addition, they are able to filter depending on a particular source file or context.

To provide a more enjoyable experience, this lightning-fast search works without any page reloading.

Learn more:

Screen recording of the efficient search feature in the translation interface

Smooth Team Management

Invite your collaborators using their email or username, and assign them a role and a target language.

We'll take care to bring them on board, and keep them informed about new activity in their language.

Learn more:

Screen recording of the smooth team management feature in the translation and projet management interfaces

Adaptive Workflows using Tags

Our interface is flexible enough to fit your own translation workflows.

Add custom tags to your segments and you'll be directly able to filter them. Also, these tags will appear in the statistics page so you can use them for reporting.

Learn more:

Screen recording of the use of tags on segments in the translation worflow

Elegant Translation Process

Our interface was designed to be the most ergonomic way to translate. It provides translation suggestions (from TM, Google Translate, DeepL or OpenAI), context, discussion and history.

Keyboard shortcuts allow translators to stay focused on their work, visual hints indicates when something went wrong like a missing interpolated variable or HTML tag.

Learn more:

Screen recording of the translation interface in action: translating segments, picking auto-translated suggestions and adding comments





Google Translate
New strings will be directly translated and your translators will be notified for proofreading.
Read more about this feature.

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