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Clone Projects

Michaël Hoste

Michaël Hoste

Founder & CEO

Who is Michaël?

Michaël is the founder of Translation.io. He is always interested in hearing your feedback on the product.

Feel free to get in touch: michael@translation.io

Are you sometimes scared to Sync and Purge Sync and Purge Sync and Purge Sync and Purge your project, in case you lose important data? Or perhaps you’d like to do some tests without putting your main project in danger?

We have made it possible to clone your project with the option of retaining such data as collaborators and roles, change history or tags.

You simply go into the project settings and select “clone” to go to this page:

Clone Project on Translation.io

After validating the form, you will be immediately redirected to the new cloned project.

Published on June 01, 2020
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