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Translation.io Goes Public Beta at ArrrrCamp

Michaël Hoste

Michaël Hoste

Founder & CEO

Who is Michaël?

Michaël is the founder of Translation.io. He is always interested in hearing your feedback on the product.

Feel free to get in touch: michael@translation.io

Since August 12th, the service has been in private beta with the people who had signed up and the collaborators they invited.

It has been two very constructive months! We got a lot of great and valuable feedback from 50+ new users around the world, who created 30+ projects.

Your Feedback

The overall feedback is very positive: people love the interface and how easy it is to integrate the gem in an existing app.

Some of them were already using a GetText-based workflow, while others just discovered it. Most projects still use YAML files, but we are happy to see there is a real interest in an easy GetText solution for Rails.

It was interesting to see that many projects use HAML or SLIM. Thanks to our beta-testers, we significantly improved the support of these two markup languages.

Production Use

Some projects have successfully switched to our solution already, and we are very happy about it!

We would also be glad to help you with the setup of the translation process in your existing app.

What’s Next ?

Every user on the private beta will get free access until July 2015 (6 months free).

Today marks the start of the public beta! And every user on the public beta will get free access until April 2015 (3 months free).

The Live Release is scheduled for January 1st.

Last update: October 02, 2014
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