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Translation.io for Laravel

Michaël Hoste

Michaël Hoste

Founder & CEO

Who is Michaël?

Michaël is the founder of Translation.io. He is always interested in hearing your feedback on the product.

Feel free to get in touch: michael@translation.io

We are proud to announce that Translation.io is now supporting Laravel the same way as Ruby on Rails.

Laravel Translation Made Simple

Syntax is a bit different but it works exactly the same:

  • t('source text') for GetText
  • trans('some.keys') for PHP key-value

Just select your favorite framework when creating a new project and you will receive the installation instructions:

New Laravel Project

If you like working with us and you know some fellow Laravel developers, please tell them we’re open for business. For each positive or negative feedback, we’ll offer them 3 free months on Translation.io.

We’d like to thank @armandsar for helping us bootstrapping this package.

You will find more information about the installation and usage of the Laravel package on the official repository: https://github.com/translation/laravel

Last update: March 24, 2018
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